At Watton-At-Stone  

to smile to yourself and others

The Smiles workshop will take place at The Nigel Poulton Community Hall in the picturesque village of Watton-at-Stone in Hertfordshire.

Anyone is welcomed!


The First Wednesday of each month will be dedicated to an introduction to wellbeing via the power of smiling.

The following Wednesdays will be about practising - step by step - different exercises placed under the sign of smile:

•   Smile & Breathe

•   Smile & Listen

•   Smile & Observe

•   Smile and Eat/Drink

Every single practice can become your anchor point so you can pause, and smile to find a safe and peaceful space within yourself where you can simply "be yourself" 


Fees: £10 per person/1 hour

Days: Every Wednesday

Time7.30am - 8.30am / 9am -10am /10.30am -11.30am


Each session is NOT a drop-in-session due to space capacity. 

So booking via email or phone is essential to secure your place.

Watton-at-Stone Village
Watton-at-Stone Village

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Watton-at-Stone Village
Watton-at-Stone Village

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is located in Hertfordshire - United Kingdom.

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