At Watton-At-Stone

to be kind to yourself and others

The Wellbeing workshop will take place at The Nigel Poulton Community Hall in the picturesque village of Watton-at-Stone in Hertfordshire.

Anyone is welcomed!


The first Wednesday and Sunday of each month will be dedicated to an introduction to wellbeing via a PPT presentation followed by Q&A.

The three following Wednesdays & Sundays will be about practising 

- step by step - different exercises related to:

•   Breathing

•   Listening

•   Movements/walking

•   Mindful Eating


Every single practice can become your anchor point so you can stop, pause and find a safe space within yourself where you can simply "be yourself" 


Fees: £10 per person/1 hour

Days: Wednesday @ 7.30am - 8.30am  &  9am -10am

           Sunday @ 8.30am - 9.30am  & 10am -11am

Each session is NOT a drop-in-session due to space capacity. 

So booking via email or phone is essential to secure your place.


is located in Hertfordshire - United Kingdom.

Talks on French culture, Mindfulness and workshops dedicated to your general wellbeing.