At Your Home   
to smile to yourself and others

Your home can become the ideal place to experiment the healing power of smiling.
Step by step you will be introduced to different exercises placed under the sign of smile:

•   Smile & Breathe​
•   Smile & Listen
•   Smile & Walk

​•   Smile & Look

Every single practice can become your anchor point so you can pause, and smile to find a safe and peaceful space within yourself where you can simply "be yourself"

Under the  gentle yet powerful guidance of your smile you will find new ways to re-tune with your true self.
You will build up self-resilience and find within yourself your "own answers"  to make your personal life and relationships more meaningful and giving.

EVERYTHING at your place will be welcomed as a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your body, mind and heart.
You will learn how to use your daily routine to foster regular mindful practices around the premises of your home and with people living with you. In the here and now, you will discover that fear, guilt, shame or anger are just thoughts and emotions to be gently aware of without punishing yourself.

By smiling back to yourself - every single day - you will discover that within yourself there is abundance of light, joy, kindness, resilience and peace worth feeling and sharing.



Sessions via Skype or at your place.



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