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to be kind to yourself and others

We all know what it feels like - either you are a teacher or a student -  to feel overwhelmed, stressed, drained, lonely and the idea of stopping just for1 minute to take a deep breath becomes mission impossible!

We are now fortunate to see more and more schools welcoming speakers and well-being practitioners to show the importance of giving to ourselves these few precious minutes a day to foster - little by little - a sustainable routine for our general wellbeing.

Education and daily practice are key to acquire a better understanding of the principles, theories for a healthier and well-balanced life

So at Pause, we are happy to offer a lunch time or after school workshop every Monday. 

The first session will be  dedicated to an introduction  to wellbeing via a PPT presentation followed by Q&A.
The three following Mondays will be about practising 

- step by step - different exercises related to:

•   Breathing
•   Listening
•   Movements/walking
•   Mindful Eating

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is located in Hertfordshire - United Kingdom.

Talks on French culture, Mindfulness and workshops dedicated to your general wellbeing.