At Work 
to smile to yourself & others

Workplaces can be a beehive of creativity, excitement, passion and personal fulfilment however, it can also turn into a place where you feel trapped - physically and emotionally - into a stressful environment which will eventually take a heavy toll on your body and overall mental health.  However your workplace can also become a wake up call when you feel ready for a "mental" change.


You will learn how to use your daily work routine to foster regular mindful practices around the premises of your  workplace and with colleagues you work with. In the here and now, you will discover that fear, guilt, shame or anger are just thoughts and emotions to be gently aware of without punishing yourself.


You will start with easy step by step mindful practises: 

•  Smile & Breathe​
•  Smile & Listen
•  Smile & Look
​•  Smile & Walk

Your daily routine at work will foster mindful opportunities (eg: when dealing with your paperwork or sitting for hours in front of your computer, when listening to your colleagues or at a meeting with your line manager or just sipping your tea or coffee at break or when having your lunch etc...) 


Every single work activity will turn into an anchor point so you can  pause, smile and find a safe space within yourself where you can simply " be yourself"  and you will discover that within yourself there is abundance of light, joy, kindness, resilience and peace worth feeling and sharing.