Online Tuition & French classes

in a Local Café/Restaurant 


Did you enjoy language lessons at school but have now forgotten much of what you learned? Or, perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn a language but found lessons at school uninspiring?
Whatever your past experience, Pause4French can rekindle your passion for languages and give a massive  boost to your self-confidence and your memory too!
Adults who embark on learning a foreign language usually gain new friends, interests, travel much more to France and even inspire their friends and family to give it a try.
Learning a foreign language is before and foremost a human and cultural exchange. Everything comes to life and meaning when you meet those who speak the foreign language that makes us vibrate.

Your Study Level

Beginner & Intermediate
You will learn a wide range of everyday situations while paying attention to fluency, pronunciation and general basic vocabulary and grammar acquisition. There will be a wide range of resources such as visual media supports, authentic recorded material, newspapers and magazines as well as various kinesthetic activities. Focus on pronunciation and fluency will be done via short role-plays.
Advanced & Conversational
You will keep on learning a wide range of everyday situations and our discussion topics  will cover current events, various media content such as films or tv programmes, music etc..while improving and expanding your vocabulary range and understanding of grammar points. There will be a wide range of resources such as visual and audio media supports. Focus will be on pronunciation and fluency.

Terms & Conditions


Pre-book your lessons then make your payment via direct debit before your 1st lesson.

Cancellation needs to be done 24 hour prior the lesson so it can be re-scheduled otherwise payment will take place.

French tuition via Skype or in a local café 

  • Monday/Friday Mornings & Afternoons
  • 10am to 12pm &  2pm till 6pm
  • Beginner - Intermediate/Advanced
  • Tailored-made lessons to learners' learning needs and interests                                                                             
One - to - One Lesson via skype
  • One lesson every week or every other week: £25/1hour     
Two - to - One Lesson at a local café
  • One lesson every week or every other week: £16 per person/1hour
French Classes on at a local café
One lesson every other week: £12.50 per person/1hour