4 French culture in Schools

Pause at Schools offers a UNIQUE French language experience to boost your students' self-confidence with their speaking and listening skills as well as their personal knowledge on French culture.

French will stop just being a topic studied in books and a series of stressful exams by offering a fully immersive language event.

All in French talks will be tailored-made to fit in your own school premises: Assembly hall/Amphitheater/classroom 

to enable a greater number of your students to attend from KS4 and KS5 or by welcoming students from schools belonging  to the same consortium as yours.

Talks can be booked any time of the day - mornings, afternoons or after school - and students will have the opportunity (or rather say a wonderful excuse) to sample a variety of French pastry and a selection of famous French cheeses while learning about a wide range of cultural topics aligned with the New French GCSE and A level Specifications.

Each talk will turn into a hive of engaging, interactive language experience  via question & answers, and quizzes. 

So if you are willing to give language immersion a try, make Fall4French your Number One Destination!


You can book your FREE presentation during Assembly Time

on the topic :Why Learning Languages?