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PAUSE is about bringing mindfulness into people's life so they can find their own answers by diving  deep into themselves, holding their breath - like fearless divers in the depths of the ocean - to bring back to the surface the unique and luminescent pearl of their true self.

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"Thank you so much for the Mindfulness session. I have spoken to several members of staff and family about it since and a couple of those colleagues who didn't attend the session have expressed an interest in talking to you and finding out more. I think you are courageous and inspiring. I definitely have feelings of anxiousness which stem from the 'fight or flight' response and the tips to 're-set' are very helpful. Both the breathe/release /smile exercise and the taking 2 minutes out using the water in a cup were effective. I particularly liked the reference to the pearl - I certainly try to cover over negative experiences. The decoration of the bark was also relaxing. Please continue with your sessions and I wish you all the very best with them."

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"I thoroughly enjoyed your session and admired your honesty about your journey that you shared with us. It has certainly made me feel that I am not alone with my own story. I found the tasks you allowed us to take part in really useful."

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"Thank you very much for the mindfulness session on Friday. I really appreciated the opportunity to find out more about this technique, and its positive effect on mental wellbeing."

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"Thank you so much for your interesting talk on mindfulness.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and will try to do the fight, flight, freeze exercises each day!"

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"it was a really good event. Thank you so much. You have suffered similarly to myself. My brother took his own life  6 years ago. I feel your pain and the grief that nealry destroys you. I have been trying to put into practice the methods you use and I am sure they will help me."