Saïda Goutel

I come from the beautiful town of Troyes located in the region of Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine where I worked as a tour-guide on behalf of the Tourist boards of Troyes and Reims. It was my greatest and endless pleasure to open people's eyes and heart to the artistic and historic treasures of my region.

In year 2000 I moved to England to work as a French assistant in secondary schools before undergoing my teaching training to become a fully qualified teacher specialising in French.

Then I set up "Fall4French" to work as a freelance French tutor and professional speaker. I am still giving talks on French culture to various French organisations and schools. Visit my website: 

I also qualified as a practitioner of Mindfulness and Reiki. I then specialised in the theme of Smile as a liberating tool and  unfathomable source of inner joy.

My Smile workshops are open to all those who feel the need for an inner change.